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New Mexico's First IntegratedMarijuana Health & Wellness Center

NM Brief Relief health professionals and staff are here to make sure that you, the patient, will receive and renew your Medical Cannabis License. Along with Personal Grow Licenses, Caregiver licenses, classes and seminars for all NMBR Patients.

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New Mexico's First Industrial Hemp Consulting Agency

NM Brief Relief has decades of experience in the Medical/Industrial Hemp space and are your #1 source for all your Industrial Hemp needs. From Certified Hemp seeds to Potential Harvest buyers were are your one stop shop for Investors, Land owners, Farmers and entrepreneurs.

Welcome to NM Brief Relief

For the past 10 years, NM Brief Relief has been going above and beyond assuring patients get the best care possible assisting them with obtaining there Medical Cards, Getting quality CBD products in the hands of people in need all the while setting the standards in the Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp space.
NM Brief Relief is a team of medical cannabis experts who assist NM residents enrolling and re-enrolling into the New Mexico Medical Cannabis program. We offer FREE consultations to assess your situation and determine if you are eligible for the program. After the consultation will let you know how much it will cost and how long it will take for your specific situation. If we determine you are not qualified at the moment we will let you know, if possible what you would need to do to become eligible and potentially even help you with your eligibility. You may also Pre-Apply Online for your convenience. We also provide services to assist with Personal Production License applications, purchase and set up of a personal indoor grow, help with the growing process on our Seed to Smoke program.
NM Brief Relief helps with all Hemp related fields including but not limited to no card needed CBD products, Hemp Consulting in Growing, processing and investing. And much much more!
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Register OR Renew your Medical Card with us Today!

All New Mexico medical cannabis patients must renew on a yearly basis, a doctor must reassess your situation to determine if you are showing improvements with your symptoms and make sure there are no adverse effects. Renewing through NM Brief Relief will give you the assurance that your cannabis licensees will be renewed in a pain-free, timely manner.

Our Brief Relief team will ensure the application is hand delivered to Santa Fe Department of Health Medical Cannabis Program Office where we receive a stamped dated and signed receipt for each individual application.

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No Card Needed CBD Products

w/no THC High.

No THC | No High | No Problems

  • Helps reduce PAIN and INFLAMMATION
  • Helps reduce SEIZURES
  • Helps with chronic ANXIETY and DEPRESSION
  • Reduces NAUSEA and VOMITING
  • Helps combat the spread of CANCER
  • Helps Maintain Homeostasis in the body

CBD is Natual and Safe!!

CBD will not get you “high”‘ our CBD products are made with 100% Pure high-grade Hemp Oils which is completely legal as of 2019. CBD has not ever been banned by the FDA, recent reports stated that there had been changes but the FDA was enforcing the regulations on how CBD was labeled and sold. [Read More]

However, after President Donald Trump signed the Federal Farm Bill with a provision making Industrial Hemp legal in all 50 states. Now not only is CBD accessible everywhere to everyone but so is all the other benefits that come with Hemp and the industrialization of its properties again.

No, you will not fail a drug test.

This a common misconception and what continues to fuel the prosecution of the Cannabis Plant. CBD is Non-Psychoactive because of next to nothing THC content and in some cases no THC at all. Not to mention Hemp Seed Oil that is derived from pressing the Hemp Seed for its rich oil.

Although you must be careful with the source from which you acquire your CBD products. A majority of the CBD products on the market are imported from overseas and Canada.

What can CBD do for you?

Get a best CBD Treatment for your family...

No THC No High, No Problems

New Mexico Brief Relief is here for anyone seeking treatment for their conditions. No Medical Cannabis Card needed to receive the help you need to get relief from any pain you or your family members are suffering from. CBD treatment can be utilized by the entire family even our furry friends (pets). Let us help you determine the proper care for you and all members of your family.

    Nm Industrial Hemp Consulting


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    Where here to be the source for all your Industrial Hemp business needs. We have the knowledge, experience and most of all the passion to help move you and your business forward in all aspects.

    The Hemp Industry can be a complex, confusing and outright contradicting if you’re not getting professional help. There are many aspects to growing Industrial Hemp. From determining what type of Hemp to grow, obtaining a reliable Hemp seed source, access to buyers for your harvest or processors to extract your own material and make your own produce. Obtaining a license and navigating through this new and upcoming Industry is our specialty. Let us help you succeed.

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    What is Brief Relief's Seed to Smoke Program?

    NM Brief Relief provides an in depth education service for the purchase/setup of your very own personal indoor/outdoor medical grow and we assist with the entire grow process from the beginning SEED to SMOKE in the end. Our Seed to Smoke Program is a paid service we provide that will help and teach each Patient to obtain their Personal Production License, purchase & set up your indoor/ outdoor grow, determine what type of growing system would best suit your personal situation we help you through the entire growing cycles all the way to harvest through the drying and curing process.

    Customer Testimonials

    Medical Cannabis, CBD Clients, and Industrial Hemp customers Testimonials. Over the past 10 years, NM Brief Relief has assisted thousands of people with leading a healthier happier better quality of life. We just started to ask for reviews so that people can hear about all the many illnesses and ailments the staff at NM Brief Relief has helped to eradicate through the many health & wellness services and products we provide. If you would like to express how the Brief Reliefers have helped you or a loved one get “Pain Relief in a Brief” let us know.

    Loretta Muller

    Sever Chronic pain
    I love New Mexico Brief Relief.. the pain I USED to feel in my body is no longer there .. I do the CBD oil drops and I've done the slave, I haven't had the pain on the top of my foot since I put it on in June.. I sleep better... I believe in it so much because I AM living proof of its healing.. recommend it to everyone and no side affects..

    John Smith

    Severe Chronic Pain
    NM Brief Relief did not just help me with my conditions they were also able to help my dog with seizures with CBD oil. with no THC.

    Antonio Helm

    I have tried many different cbd companies and NM Brief Relief was the only place with product that worked.

    We have a full line of all CBD products, come visit us and learn more about CBD

    Two Convenient Locations to choose from

    Thank you for checking out our Business and learning a little more about the NM Medical Cannabis program and the Industrial Hemp Industry. If you have any questions or would just like to get some face to face consultations we are more than willing to help you out with anything you might need.

    So, stop by for your FREE cannabis card consultation, some CBD products, medical grade filtered alkaline “Kangen” water, CBD massages, Industrial/Medical Commercial licenses Consults and, much much more. We take care of our patients and do all that we can so that you can get the medicine and health information you need!