About NM Brief Relief

    Welcome to New Mexico Brief Relief, New Mexico’s most trusted Medical Cannabis Consultants. Brief Relief Opened it’s doors in 2010 in hopes to clean up some of the mess that it was to get an actual medical cannabis card when the program first started by the Compassionate Use Act. Before Consultants like us existed you had to go through expensive doctors offices to get evaluated which was not free, a lengthy application process of delivering information back and forth which is not free, and then you might not even qualify in the end, no refund. We have a quick pre-qualifing questionnaire that consultants can go with you on and we can get more of an understanding if you are eligible for the Medical Cannabis Program before you are required to pay anything.


    When you use our services we ensure that we are here to guide you to understanding everything you might need when starting with medical cannabis. Our whole purpose is to make it that much more attainable for anybody who might need cannabis medically to be able to get onto the program. We exist to educate patients on the beneficial use of medical cannabis and how it can be used to alleviate symptoms caused by various debilitating medical conditions. Brief Relief works with community doctors and health professionals making sure that you, the patient, can receive and renew your Medical Cannabis License. We promise discrete professional services at affordable rates.


    The future of Brief Relief looks bright as we have successfully empowered over 5000 New Mexico residents and gotten them the medication they so desperately needed. Our goal is to make sure that one day everybody can have access to medical cannabis that needs it, but that we also share more health improving and maintaining technologies. This means more community involvement, more bleeding edge health information getting delivered, more content to educate and entertain our culture. Thank you so much with your continued interest in New Mexico Brief Relief, we hope this shed a little bit of light as to who we are as an organization. Feel free to give us a call or come on in to our office locations if you have any questions or concerns.


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