Enrollment Process

Residents of New Mexico with a valid NM ID, can apply through our office for the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program, depending on your situation and condition, medical documents confirming your diagnosis must also be dated within the past year might be needed depending on your specific situation.


After we hand deliver the application, the State enrollment process begins, within 45 days the Program Staff verifies all required documentation, contacts or sends a letter to the patient if necessary.


Medical Director verifies the application medically.

Providers authority to certify, calls New Mexico Brief Relief if necessary for additional documentation.


If approved the patient receives a new patient packet with a patient registry card

(yearly expiration), general program information, and LNPP contact information (free of charge).


All minors must apply with a caregiver.

Caregiver requirements: federal criminal background check, NM ID.

What enrollment provides

Possession of an adequate supply: a maximum quantity of no more than 230 units (approximately eight ounces) over a three-month period.


The right to purchase from a Licensed Non-Profit Producer


The option to apply for a Personal Production License


The right to be in possession of any paraphernalia used in connection with their use of medical cannabis


If you loose, misplace, or your card is stolen you can request the State to print out another card. You are still in the State system database, Law Enforcement can easily check with the Law Enforcement hot-line for cannabis patients.


24-hour law enforcement only hot-line


Personal Production License (NMAC -A qualified patient who holds a PPL is authorized to possess no more than four mature female plants and a combined total of 12 seedlings and male plants, and may possess no more than an adequate supply. A PPL holder may additionally obtain useable cannabis, seeds or plants from LNPPs.

State Law 26-2B (1- 7) New Mexico Statutes

New Mexico became the 12th state to allow medical cannabis with the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act in 2007 (Senate Bill 523).


The purpose of the Act is to allow the beneficial use of medical cannabis in a regulated system for alleviating symptoms caused by debilitating medical conditions

and their medical treatments.


The objective of the Department is to ensure the safe use and possession of cannabis for individuals living with debilitating medical conditions, and the safe possession and administration of cannabis for medical use to those individuals by primary caregivers.


Participation in the medical cannabis program by a qualified patient or primary caregiver does not relieve the qualified patient or primary caregiver from:


A. Criminal prosecution or civil penalties for activities not authorized in this rule and act;


B. Criminal prosecution or civil penalties for fraudulent representation to a law enforcement officer about the person’s participation in the program to avoid arrest or prosecution;


C. Liability for damages or criminal prosecution arising out of the operation of a vehicle while under the influence of cannabis or cannabis-derived products; or


D. Criminal prosecution or civil penalty for possession, distribution, transfer, or use of cannabis or a cannabis-derived product (1) in a school bus or public vehicle; (2) on school grounds or property; (3) in the workplace of the qualified patient's or primary caregiver's employment; (4) at a public park, recreation center, youth center, or other public place; (5) to a person not approved by the department pursuant to this rule; (6) outside New Mexico or attempts to obtain or transport cannabis, or cannabis-derived products from outside New Mexico; or (7)that exceeds the allotted amount of usable medical cannabis, or cannabis-derived products. NMAC

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