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Frequently Asked Questions

Qualify Online!

At www.nmbriefrelief.com, you can fill out our questionnaire, answering questions about your physical condition, or PTSD symptoms. We will review the application and either call you to schedule an appointment with our doctor, or request further information if needed.

Free Consultation!

If you prefer, you can come into our office for a 15 minute, FREE consultation with our qualified team. We can get your questions answered, determine what your qualifying condition is, go over pricing, and if you decide to go forward, get your paperwork started, and schedule an appointment to see our doctor.


We will have you fill out our brief preliminary questionnaire, either online or in our office, from here we determine if you qualify under PTSD. If you do, our in-house doctor will be able to assess your condition, and make a diagnosis during your visit.

For Physical Conditions

We will need to collect medical records from your treating physician, qualifying conditions must have activity on your treatment within the last calendar year, clearly showing your diagnosis, and/or treatments with a signature from your doctor on them. If you do not already have these, we can assist you in getting them.

From the time we hand deliver your completed application to the Department of Health, your patients can expect to wait approximately 45 – 60 days.

The State requires that you get re-assessed by a doctor, once a year. Since you are already a Medical Cannabis Patient, and the State has your info on file from the previous year(s), you will only need the doctor to determine if you are benefiting from the Medical Program. They will then recommend that you stay on the program, and sign the renew application that we submit to the state.