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Interested in growing your own medical grade cannabis? Maybe you do not know where to start, not enough money, time, knowledge, or experience? That is not a problem anymore with our “Seed To Smoke Program”

We assist in various natural therapeutic massages such as Swedish and sports. We also offer different energy treatments such as cranial sacral, Chinese medicine, medical qi qong, shiatsu, windows of the sky, polarity, reflexology. Along with sublingual treatments such as flower remedies, herbal medicine, and homeopathy.

Seed to Smoke Program is a paid service we provide that will help and teach each Patient to obtain their Personal Production License, purchase & set up your indoor/ outdoor grow, determine what type of growing system would best suit your personal situation, whether to grow from seed or clones, help through the entire growing cycles all the way to harvest through the drying and curing process. Of course if need be, help with the smoking and different methods of consumption of your very own home-grown medical grade Cannabis. Really though, if you need help with the many different types and variations of ingestion we can certainly help you out with our “Medication Management Services”

There are a couple of different ways you as a patient can access the Seed to Smoke Services.

A “Home Bid” is where a highly trained professional would go to your home and ask a series of questions that would determine what type of grow would be adequate for your specific grow. The questions are tailored to insure accuracy in the patient’s ability to grow their own medication. The bid cost $75.00, it takes about an hour and will give you a “bid” or proposed cost of the materials needed for the grow room, method of growing, materials needed, labor and anything that might have been discussed. You can hire us for the entire process or just for a portion of it and take out all the trial and error that would definitely come from learning on your own. After the home visit you will get a detailed outlined bid within 2 weeks of the visit.

Another way is going to be through classes. The classes will be spread apart and will focus on specific stages in the growing process. How to properly set up a personal grow room, what is required and what is not required, what types of lighting will be needed or can be afforded, etc. Another class will focus on cloning, germinating, mothering plants, the vegetative cycle, nutrients, etc. The final class will deal with the flower stage, harvesting, drying, curing, and methods of consumption. Now you can got to all the classes or only the ones you think you would need.